What is NOPAL?

Properties and benefits of NOPAL

-The United Nations organization for Food and Agriculture (FAO) has catalogued Nopal as the Food of the Future.

-Trikadia’s Nopal powder is a superfood great versatility, can be mixed with smoothies, smoothies, water, yogurt, can be consumed in soups or as a complement to cereal.

-Nopal powder is an excellent choice for enjoy a healthy lifestyle.
It has antioxidant activity.
It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.
It has healing activity.
Nopal’s use helps the activity of gastric ulcers, that protects the gastric mucosa.
Combats and prevents gastritis and gastrointestinal inflammation.

Has hypoglycemic and antidiabetic effect
Helps regulate type II diabetes
Hypolipidemic and hypocholesterolemic effect controls levels of triglycerides and LDL cholesterol
Diuretic and anoric effect
Antiviral properties
Prebiotic activity
The nopal presents a wide range of biofunctional effects
Being rich in fiber, its consumption helps control anxiety and combat constipation.

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